What is direct speech

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When a statement represents the exact words of the speaker, e.g. a quotation, this is called direct speech. Such piece can be a combination of several words, a sentence, or several sentences. New writers, especially in the academic sphere, should be careful with large pieces of direct speech if they are quotations, as some programs may recognize them as plagiarism. Not only quotes, however, fall into the category of direct speech.

This also includes any kinds of expressions delivered from the first person. For instance: ‘I need to reinvent the methods of literary expression’. Also, it is necessary to remember that direct speech requires certain punctuation. First of all, direct speech has to be put in quotation marks. Also, if the direct speech itself is followed by the narrator’s words, a comma is put inside the quotation marks, and then the author’s words go outside of them, Oxford Dictionaries say http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/words/punctuation-in-direct-speech. Every time a new person starts speaking, you have to open new quotation marks. If the information about the speaker comes before the direct speech itself, place a comma after the introductory phrase: She said, “I’ll call you today.”