I need a speech fast. What to do?

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First of all, set yourself a clear list of the facts and ideas you need to mention. Write them down and plan how you’ll smoothly move from one to another.
Then prepare some information to illustrate your thoughts. Facts, statistics, etc. will give more value to the statements. Also, try to think what’s the most important, but don’t actually jump right into it. Make a decent preparation, include the context and then move to the details.

After you’ve imagined the general line of facts, think of some jokes. You may rely on your sharp mind, but having a prepared fun story or two will be of great help. People often feel a bit nervous when delivering speeches to others, so all your anecdotes may temporarily fall out of memory.

In general, you have a tool to convey your ideas, so just use it mindfully. Delivering speeches has never been too easy, but it becomes better with time.