How to start and end speech

Starting a speech is a key to catching the audience’s attention and winning their affection. To start right, you have to be honest and start from a bit averted things. Thank your audience for coming and introduce yourself if necessary. Then, put a short overview of the future speech. It doesn’t have to present all the facts before hand, just tell them what are you going to speak about or what is the occasion of the speech. The last mentioned also defines how personal you can be while speaking. If that’s a wedding or any other informal event, you can start with a question or a story that will be a bridge connecting your introduction to the next part of the speech.

The ending of the speech has to tune the listeners into a right mood, as well. A good speech may be ended by the question-answer section, too. This shows you’re not afraid of talking and can keep the conversation interesting. After you’ve finished the informative part, say goodbye to the audience and leave. Also, it is good to remember that if you’re delivering a speech, the ending has to show your proficiency with the topic and a sort of logical conclusion.