Example of an introduction speech

Introduction speech is a speech that has to prepare the audience for the following orator. Your speech has to present the person which usually involves listing basic achievements that led to choosing this person for a speech. Introductory speeches can also imply you introducing yourself. In this case, remember the following tips. Speak understandably short. You’re often not required to speak about yourself for hours. At different business meetings, workshops, and the events alike, you should just make a concise statement.

For some speakers, the temptation to mention their wins and achievements is strong, but it’s not an event about you, so enumerate some key facts related to your being there, and that’s it. Also, remember to name yourself and add the position. Don’t get too formal. Imagine you’re announcing someone at the David Letterman show, not at the federal congress. So give a hint about the person’s talents, show your positive attitude, and add an intriguing phrase in the end.