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If your Mac is not brand new sooner or later you may notice that boot time is much longer than usual.

What are the reasons of slow startup? Is there any solution?

Buy SSD and upgrade RAM

Solid State Drive is a good solution if you want your Mac to boot faster. All new machines come with SSD. If you are the owner of aged Mac installing SSD is a good option for you. The only drawback is the price. Unfortunately nothing good in this world is for free. This may sound obvious but adding more memory to your machine will help it to start faster and be more responsive at all. It works like a good energy drink or a cup of coffee in the morning. This should improve your Mac performance. If your machine is eligible for RAM upgrade – go for it

If you are not planning investments in new SSD and RAM – keep reading. Free undermentioned alternatives are good solutions for Mac users with limited funds.

Free up space on your hard drive

Your Mac may become sluggish when startup disk is almost full. It is a good idea to free up space on your hard drive to boost the boot time. You can use dedicated tools or remove unnecessary files manually. Uninstalling unused apps, removing files from the trash and clearing application cache are basic tips you may try to recover precious disk space.


Remove apps and processes from Login Items list.


You may easily remove application and processes that open automatically when user logs in. This trick may save few seconds or even a minute of a Mac boot time. Depending on your Mac skills you may do it manually or use MacKeeper dedicated apps for it that have been highly appreciated by customers.

  1. Open system preferences.
  2. Click on User and Groups
  3. Select a user name on the list
  4. Click on the lock icon and enter admin password to unlock changes
  5. Select the Login Items button
  6. Click on “-” to remove any item from the list.


Quit all applications before your Mac shuts down


There is a option in OS X to automatically open all apps and windows from the moment of the last shut down. Sometimes it is time consuming and you may drink a cup of coffee while observing how system opens numerous application windows, browser tabs etc. To avoid such situation you’d better close all applications before or uncheck “Reopen windows when logging back in ” when you log out or turn your Mac off.


Users should also enable the option to close all windows when quitting an application.

  1. Click on the Apple logo and choose system preferences.
  2. Open “General” settings
  3. Tick “Close windows when quitting an app”


Remove some Startup Items [Advanced Mac Users Only]

Note: If you are novice Mac user you’d better skip this step to avoid the mess on your machine.

Some applications and processes are launched when system boots. These items are stored in /Library/Startupitems folder. Users may remove unwanted things from that location in order to make startup process faster.

Startup items folder is invisible by default. In order to access it user should use Command + Shift +G keyboard combination and paste /Library/Startupitems in the address line.



You’d better create new folder and move unwanted files from startup items there. In order to create new folder use Command + Shift + N key combination.


Remember to move only files you are familiar with. If you are not sure whether they are critical or not – SKIP THIS STEP.   Restart your mac and check if you notice boot time improvement. If certain applications do not respond or crash put its files back to Startupitems folder.


Remove files from Launch Agents and Launch Daemons folder


There are two folders in the system containing files responsible for application processes launched on the startup. These files are Launch Agents and Launch Daemons. They are located in /Library/LaunchAgents and /Library/LaunchDaemons folders. Removing unneded files from those folders may speed up the boot time of your Mac.

Note: These folders contain preference files responsible for application launch on the startup. Accidental removing of unknown files may lead to application crash or instability.

It is recommended to use dedicated apps for this purpose. If you are novice Mac user skip this step to avoid potential mess.


Disconnect external drives and devices that are not used

This trick should save about 10 seconds of your mac boot time. How it works? Simple enough. Every time you reboot your machine it takes some time for external drives to be accessed. If external drive is not connected you won’t see this spinning wheel (aka beach ball, wheel of death ) in the login window.


Disconnect Peripherals you don’t use

Scanners and printers may be the reason of slow startup if they are not working properly or check for updates when your Mac is on. If there is no need to use this device at the moment disconnect it. You may plug it in later if necessary.

How do I write my speech?

We bet you know it, but it’s never too late to remind the basic facts to keep in mind while writing a speech. This goes easier every time you do it, but if you’re not delivering speeches on daily basis this may appear to be hard. So, where to start?

First of all, find your topic. The more precise you do it, the better. Formulating this meticulously is crucial. Contine reading