Queen Ethelburga’s College

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  • Location Manor Thorpe, York, United Kingdom
  • Age 11-18 years
  • GCSE Programme, IB, A-Level
  • Number of students 624
  • The number of students at the B & B 468
  • The share of foreign students 70%
  • Founded in 1912
  • The type of training Cooperative learning
  • Accommodation Hostel
  • Cost per year 35 013 GBP – 44 118 GBP
  •  Excellent accommodation; the possibility of horse riding free of charge; friendly, but formal atmosphere; quality academic training, especially in the natural sciences

Queen Ethelburga’s College is located just 10 km from the city of York, in a picturesque manor Thorpe. For more than 90 years since its inception in 1912, the college became one of the most famous and best UK universities. The school has a good reputation both within the country and abroad, thanks to the care of children, friendly atmosphere and excellent academic performance. school motto – “Bring It On and become the best in their field” – could not be better reflects the desire of its employees to educate children in the craving for the achievement of life goals.

College was repeatedly noted by the newspaper «Sunday Times» as the best high school in the UK for the Certification examination results and scores in the subjects of the second level of complexity (physics, chemistry, biology). The purpose of school – to give every student education for life, which, in form, expressed in achieving success in their studies, and, in fact – in the acquisition of social and life skills.

Queen Ethelburga’s College – a small school where trained 480 students, dissertation writers 340 of whom are on full board. Children learn in small groups, allowing teachers to give maximum attention to each student. Teachers and educators College believe that the best education – the development of the child’s individual potential. This approach is a key feature of the Queen Ethelburga’s College, the school distinguishes from others. Recognizing the individuality of each child, the school provides equal opportunities, thanks to which every child can achieve unsurpassed results. Headmaster Peter Dass believes that learning should be fun, exciting and bring joy to children.

Queen Ethelburga’s College – is a high learning outcomes:

  • 98% of graduates enter the best universities in the country, including Oxford
  • 68% of students pass the exams on the “good” and “excellent”
  • Number of students who received a passing score is usually higher than the national average
  • The number of graduates is increasing from year to year: in 2000 – 72 people; in 2005 – 150 people; in 2008 – 215 people.

About the Author: Anna Bayer is a manager. She is interested in writing.

Accent is a great choice for the students


School Accent has experience in consulting and training with companies from around the world in all sorts of areas of the automotive industry to telecommunications sector. English may be required either to individual employees / managers or departments for different purposes: communication, business communication, professional language, seminars / trainings.
Training and dissertation writing service can take place in the school in England, and in the city where the company is located, for example: right in the office.
Before you develop a corporate package of training, taking into account all the nuances of the request, examines the company’s needs, the level of training participants, convenient time for the company and the training schedule, budget. It is possible to take training modules.
1. The one-day seminar. Objective: skills of meetings, presentations, negotiations or training professional terminology (eg: law, construction, telecommunications, etc.) For a group of no more than 20 people
2. Weekly seminar. The seminar is held for 5 days from Monday to Friday, 1 or 2 teachers.
Example – the schedule may look like:
• Thursday: English for Business Communication
• Thursday: English in finance
• Thursday: Negotiations in English
• Tuesday: Sales and Marketing in English
• Thursday: English for meetings
One week could be devoted to all professional English for engineering, law, medicine or banking.
Each workshop can be attented by maximum of 12 participants.
Corporate model. The school may develop a corporate model, as close as possible to the company – a kind of virtual reality in the English language. Participants in this module work, meet, negotiate, talk on the phone, make presentations, solve problems, deal with crises, reach goals … like at the company, in English only.
This training is for 12 – 24 people can last from 2 to 4 days. Optimum efficiency is achieved by holding a two-day models for half a day in a row for one week. This will learn the maximum number of people at minimal cost.
Learning in the mini-group
Training takes place in a small group (2 to 4 people). Groups are formed according to the questionnaires and telephone test with future participants of the program. This provides a similar language level within the group, as well as the general preference of participants. This course – a great way to learn the skills of communication and conversation in the life and professional life.
The course includes 40 lessons per week from 9.00 to 17.00 in the group of 4 people maximum, Monday through Friday.
About the Author: Jill Desa is a student. She is from Texas.


Passing Your Exam


  1. No matter what you think, teachers are not there to drive you mad or prevent you from getting an ‘A’. You should value their willingness to support and never underestimate a power of a good tip for your examination or coursework help. They are genuinely trying to improve your performance, so if you see your tutor pacing up and down nervously during the test, he is probably just as nervous as you are!
  2. If you have a teacher that doesn’t really care about the subject, remember that you are studying for yourself. It doesn’t mean that you have to slack off now that you know you are not being judged. On the contrary, one should get self-education. If you see there is no rational advice to be heard from your tutor, think of the ways you can be your own teacher.
  3. See the marking scheme. Ask your teacher to provide you with a marking scheme that explains how the grades are allocated. If markings come most from coursework or projects, performing brilliantly at the examination won’t save you. The same applies to homework if you are allocated highest scores at the test. Once you understand the marking system, you will be able to set priorities right and pay attention to what is really important instead of making a lot of unnecessary movement.
  4. Revision is a chore and a bore, that’s why we prefer to distance ourselves from it until the last minute. However, we advise you to start beforehand. Make revision a habit, dedicating two-thirds of the day to rereading material, and the other half to socializing. You will find that alternating between study and leisure results in better performance. Besides, you can apply different kinds of revision to the subject. Some prefer to immerse in one topic at a time, others divide their attention between themes.
  5. Focus on the subjects you know less. Of course, it is easier to revise the material that you know already. But think of the marking scheme. If you write three essays, two of which are brilliant, but the third one is not so much, you are going to lose half the points anyway. So, resist the temptation to revise the subjects you know best, and ask your teacher for an extra explanation of the unknown. If you do the most complicated task at once, you are more likely to get a better mark than by focusing on the familiar things. Set a routine that will allow you to learn something new each day, and don’t forget to use color coding whenever you are memorizing things. Rediscover bright pencils and paints, and you will be surprised at how our mind makes an immediate association. An association game is another good way of making our mind work quicker with each day.

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